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Customized Treatment Plans For Every Need
At Progress Physical Therapy, we aim to assist patients in restoring and maintaining their fullest physical function along with reducing or relieving any pain. We work with you to increase muscle strength and endurance, overcome permanent disabilities, and help develop independent ambulation or mobility. Providing patients with a variety of treatment plans, together we decide which methods are best for you—whether it is exercise, manual therapy, education and training of safe routines, or specialized treatments.

We have found that walking is the best form of exercise for those recovering from an injury or condition and the older generation. Walking briskly for more than fifteen minutes gives us aerobic exercise which helps the heart, decreases stress, and aids in weight loss. Yet, most importantly, walking strengthens the legs.

Keeping your feet and legs active reduces your risk for future injury or strain, so it is critical that you keep limbs in good physical standing. However, walking is not a cure-all: if your core (abdominals, back, and hips) is not in comparable shape, your legs lack the strong foundation they need. Our team excels at providing the tools and exercises necessary to keep your gait resilient and trouble-free.

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